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Why Would You Want to Try Paraphrasing Website Pages?

When you create content for a website you may wish to use it elsewhere but this creates a problem as Google and the other search engines do not like duplicate content. So posting an article that is published elsewhere on the internet can get your site penalized if you don’t go for paraphrasing from a website, which means rewriting articles is inevitable. This is why you need to look at rewriting or paraphrasing website pages so that they do not appear as complete copies of the originals. Paraphrasing is where you rewrite something in your own (very different) words thus creating for all intents and purposes a brand new unique page to use.

How to Paraphrase Website Pages

Paraphrase website pages is not as simple as some people think. To be able to rewrite a whole page or even a whole website without it appearing as duplicate content is far from easy. You have to be able to understand the subject that has been written about as well as how to actually paraphrase. The following are some tips to help you with paraphrasing from a website. In addition, you may read the best tips on to paraphrase a paragraph:

  • Always carefully read the article from start to end to ensure that you really understand what has been written about.
  • Carefully take note of each of the points that are covered in the content.
  • Rewrite the page using the notes you have made and not the original; do not just try to change each word in turn.
  • Use a plagiarism checker to ensure that you have changed it sufficiently.
  • Proofread and fully check your work to avoid any problems.

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What about Using Software for Paraphrasing?

paraphrasing websiteParaphrasing or spinning software works by taking each word or small phrase within the article and changing it for a synonym. Without spending a significant amount of time with the software it will churn out rubbish that makes no sense. In the past many website owners would not care about this and publish it anyway, however, the search engines today are far fussier and your articles do have to now read well. Just remember however that if it was made by software it can be recognized by software and Google will spot a spun article even if paraphrasing a website was done well.

Whether paraphrasing a website or an academic paper you will want to ensure that you use a rewriting service that you can truly rely on. We provide you with a paraphrase website that offers:

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  • Accuracy. Our experts hold postgraduate degrees in the fields in which they work ensuring that they fully understand the source and can repeat it meaningfully.
  • A quick turnaround. No matter how quickly you need your paraphrase we always deliver on time.
  • Unique. Your paraphrase will always be original and provided with a plagiarism report.
  • Error-free. Your website for paraphrasing will always benefit from free proofreading through our paraphrasing website.

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