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Do You Need an Online English Paraphrasing Tool?

english rephrasing tool freeParaphrasing can be a difficult process to master. When rewriting a paragraph or text, many students and new writers struggle to grasp the technique that allows them to change the original text so that it doesn’t look like the original source, yet without changing its meaning. This is often required to reduce the amount of quotes used, simplify a piece of writing or target an alternative audience.When done properly, a paraphrase is usually much more concise than the original but still covers all the main points that were raised while staying away from any risk of plagiarism.

Does Using an English Rephrasing Tool Make My Paper Better?

english paraphrasing tool onlineWhile many online services claim that all their work is carried out by professional rewriters, many are lying and rely solely on software to complete the work for them. While this is generally a free paraphrasing service, it rarely works in your favour as these English rephrasing tools only pinpoint words that can be easily swapped for alternatives or synonyms that can change the whole meaning of the text and thereby making it useless to you.

Our English paraphrasing is carried out by true professionals that know exactly how to paraphrase and who have over 20 years of experience within their subject fields to complete a thorough rewrite which avoids any plagiarism concerns. Unlike a machine which has no understanding of the writing and only replaces words, our experts have a profound knowledge of the work and will provide you with a fully paraphrased text that has the exact same meaning, is fully error free and completely unique to you.

Some Professional Paraphrasing Tips to Assist You

paraphrasing tips listPlagiarism will probably be the biggest problem you face when taking on any paraphrase assignment, that and keeping to the original meaning while trying to simplify it for your readers. To help you carry out your task, our experts have drawn up a list of helpful paraphrasing tips which may help to prepare you:

  • Read and re-read the original source carefully until you are confident that you completely understand the meaning of the work.
  • Choose small sections at a time to paraphrase, this is much easier than trying to complete large chunks all at once.
  • Ignore the phrasing or wording of the original work and focus on the meaning of the section you intend to paraphrase.
  • When you write the paraphrase, always cover the original source so that you put the meaning of it into your own words.
  • Don’t just change a couple of words and keep the rest of the original wording. Doing this is poor paraphrasing and is considered a type of plagiarism.
  • Always double check that each paraphrased section represents the meaning of the original source.
  • Use quotation marks to identify any term or phraseology you have borrowed exactly from the original.
  • Don’t rely solely on a thesaurus, use your own words.
  • Try and replace key words by using their definitions instead.
  • Paraphrases should generally be the same length as the original. Making it shorter may leave out important information. However, if significantly longer, you may be adding in your own ideas and it will not be clear where the source information stops and your additions begin.
  • Before presenting your work, it should always be checked through for errors. The last thing you need is to submit it full of mistakes that may spoil the end result. Having a friend or teacher that can assist in proofreading is a good way to ensure that mistakes don’t go unnoticed.

If you need any further information on using our English paraphrasing tool or help from the number one experts to carry out your work, just get in touch with us now for a service which you can trust and afford!