Pros and Cons of Using Content Spinning Tool

What Is Content Spinning?

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Spinning content is taking an article and rewriting it so that it appears to be a completely new article. The content can be rewritten by a human or by a content spinning tool. Some of the tools for spinning content and produce hundreds of rewritten articles from one “seed” article in just a matter of seconds. Content is what brings traffic to your website and is a big factor in its revenue and growth. Creating new content takes time and can be expensive if you are hiring good writers. That is what makes spinning articles and using content paraphrase tools attractive to some website owners.

Benefits of Using a Content Spinning Tool

Software programs for spinning content are easy to find and there are many free as well as premium spinners available. One of the biggest benefits offered by automated content spinners is their speed. Depending on the tool you use, it is possible to get hundreds of rewritten articles in seconds and they are different enough that they will be considered as original content by Google. This makes the process of building backlinks much faster. Most programs are also very easy to use and only require you to copy and paste text into the appropriate area and click a button. They are also inexpensive. When you consider the fact that you can get hundreds of articles in seconds even the most expensive tools are much cheaper than writing new articles from scratch. Fast, easy to use and cheap certainly has its appeal. However there are some definite drawbacks as well.

Negatives of Using Automated Content Spinners

There are some definite negatives to using automated content spinners. Although the best of these tools can rewrite content that can pass as something written by a human, it won’t be well written. Also most content tools that only require copy, paste and click produce content that while it may be considered as original by Google, makes no sense at all to human readers. Any human reading such articles will recognize it immediately as a spun article and will make you seem unprofessional. Google frowns on the practice of article spinning and you are likely to be penalized if caught at it, especially if the original article belongs to somebody else. Although it may work in less crowded niches if you are in a competitive niche it is not an effective strategy even if you don’t get caught by Google and penalized. Many people don’t fully understand how article spinning works and that it also involves a great deal of human involvement to work well and get decent spun content. There is also the fact that even using content that has been completely rewritten is still considered plagiarism if the original article wasn’t yours. Are you still ask who can paraphrase for me? Keep reading.

Protect Your Business by Using Quality Content

If your website and your business are important to you then it is probably a good idea to pass on using an article rewriting tool. The risk of incurring penalties from Google is high and the quality of content produced by spinners won’t do much for your reputation. Good quality content is the best thing for getting traffic and still requires a human writer. By using good content your business will increase and there is no danger of Google stepping on you. Not everybody feels the same way and those websites producing good content need to avoid plagiarism to protect themselves from those who are less scrupulous about where their material comes from. Content spinning by human writers using your own original articles does have a place and enables you to reuse old articles but the benefits of automated tools are offset by the potential negative consequences.

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