Paraphrasing Paragraphs – Common Mistakes

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Why Do You Need to Paraphrase Paragraphs?

paraphrasing paragraphs examplesWe will often want to use someone else’s work or ideas within our own writing. Sometimes we do this by using a direct quote and repeat word for word what the original author has written, other times we need to rewrite what they have written in our own words. You can ask for professional paraphrasing help if you have no time for it. Usually, paraphrasing paragraphs are done for a number of different reasons:

  • To prove that we fully understand what has been written
  • To make a paragraph easier to understand
  • To better target the audience we are writing for
  • To improve the way the original was written

Not citing the sources however or nor making your paraphrasing different enough to the original could lead you to be accused of plagiarism.

How to Go about Paraphrasing a Paragraph

Paraphrasing is about rewriting a paragraph or even a whole paper in your own words. Unlike summarizing you will tend to keep to roughly the same length as the original. However, many people find it very difficult to paraphrase. Some of the common mistakes are listed here:

  • Going through the original and changing every other word for a synonym using a thesaurus
  • Finding yourself repeating portions of the original
  • Failing to change the structure of the paragraph sufficiently
  • Analyzing what you are paraphrasing

If you are paraphrasing paragraphs you need to:

  • Read the paragraph carefully so that you fully understand it
  • Jot down notes to explain the main points of the paragraph
  • Rewrite using your notes not the original
  • Check and proofread to ensure that it is sufficiently different

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Examples of How to Paraphrase a Paragraph

Getting a good paraphrase online does not have to be difficult if you make use of our professional and effective services. We can help with paraphrasing paragraphs of any form for all users. Some examples of good paraphrase are below:

Original passage #1. Paraphrasing should always ensure that the original meaning of a piece of writing is preserved while changing all of the original wording so that it is unique to you. This does not mean simply changing many of the words for synonyms to make it unique.
Paraphrased paragraph example #1. You cannot simply swap every word for one that means the same to paraphrase and avoid plagiarism. You must ensure that you use your own original language while still maintain the full meaning of the source.
Original passage #2. Moving from the current state to the future state map will often be done in more than one step. Often necessitating you to run several projects and defining interim future state maps to work towards with each project that you run. Your interim maps will provide you with a clear understanding of exactly what you should be aiming to achieve with each project and let you see if you have actually achieved your goals.
Paraphrased paragraph example #2. Often it will not be possible to move directly from your current to your future state map in just a single step. You will more often than not be required to define many interim stage maps and run several projects to move you towards each. Each interim map will provide you with clear targets for each project against which you can measure the success of the changes that you implement.
Original passage #3. Living as an expat in a country such as the Philippines is not going to be easy if you are from the UK. While many will find the weather a huge improvement to what they are used to back home they will find that the level of service that they receive here will leave a lot to be desired. The quick and efficient services that they expect in places such as banks and stores are sadly lacking and they may find themselves queuing for hours for something that should take just a few minutes back home.
Paraphrased paragraph example #3. If you from the UK you may find adjusting to living in the Philippines very difficult. There are many benefits such as higher temperature, but expats may find themselves frustrated by the level of service that they will experience within places in the country such as the malls and banks. For something you would expect to be sorted in a minute or two back home, you can expect to stand in line for hours.

Expert Help with Paraphrasing Paragraphs

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