Best Tips on How to Paraphrase a Paragraph

Why Do You Need to Know How to Paraphrase a Paragraph?

how to paraphrase a paragraphWhen you write you may wish to reference another person’s work within your own, while in some instances it may be ok to provide a straight quote and provide a citation to credit the original author there are times when you will want to do something a little different. Paraphrasing basically rewriting what you have read in your own words. This allows you to avoid problems with plagiarism although within academic writing you should still give credit to the originator of the idea and the text that you have used. Paraphrasing is used when you want to show that you have a full understanding of what has been written or you want to write it in your own words to make it clearer or better suited for your own audience. Learning how to paraphrase a paragraph correctly, however, is not easy.

How to Paraphrase a Paragraph

Learning how to paraphrase a paragraph is not as easy as many think it is. Most people find themselves repeating large portions of what they have just read or just change a few words here and there thinking that will be enough. This is not enough to avoid charges of plagiarism, especially if you are publishing it online. To paraphrase it needs to look and sound completely different but still provide the exact same message. To do this you need to;

  • Carefully read and reread the paragraph so that you fully understand it
  • Make notes of the key points that are discussed within the paragraph
  • Rewrite using the notes you have made without referencing the original
  • Check that your paraphrased version is not similar to the original
  • Proofread your work carefully to ensure that there are no errors
  • Provide a citation still for the originator of the original work

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