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What is paraphrasing information?

Nowadays, when we have a lot of online content, it is very important to avoid plagiarism. However, it is very difficult to. There are different ways to avoid plagiarism and paraphrasing is one of them. Paraphrasing is a writing technique, in which same information is written in different words but with much more clarity. The idea mentioned in original content remains the same in paraphrasing, but the words and sentence structure is changed in such a way that the messages become clearer and the content is not to be caught as plagiarized. You can do the paraphrasing yourself if you have good vocabulary and command on language, otherwise, paraphrasing online is also available for your ease. You can easily get paraphrasing information on the internet.

What is the difference between ‘rewriting’, ‘editing’ and ‘proofreading’?

When it comes to essay paraphrasing, these terms are very important, let know the difference.

Rewriting: Rewriting is about writing content in your own words again. In rewriting or, for example, in article rewriting, you cannot use the words from the original text and you have to change the entire sentence structure as well. However, the main idea should remain the same, but it should be written in your own style and words. You can find many services, who offer to rewrite essay online.

Editing: Editing is about correcting the mistakes, basically. But an editor might have to correct the structure of sentence, or check the spellings or rearrange the sentences. Editor can paraphrase sentences as well, if he feels the need. Editors know how to paraphrase an essay and they can do it perfectly. When you are done with writing, you can do the editing yourself. But usually, we are biased about our writing and its very difficult for us to catch our own mistakes. So, it’s always better to get it edited by someone else.

Proofreading: proofreading is the last stage for any document, before submission. A proofreader checks the essay for spellings, punctuation and basic grammar. Formatting like margins and font size is also checked during proofreading. It might not be as time taking as editing, but a proofreader has to be very careful.

Who needs your rewriting services?

If you are wondering, who need our rewriting services, the answer is, many people.

Foreign students, who are not well aware of the language rules and have a very little vocabulary, they usually ask for the paraphrasing in an essay, when they have to submit one in university.

There are students, who work as well and they don’t have time for paraphrasing and rewriting, so they usually look for paraphrasing online.

There are researchers and faculty members, who need to submit their own research papers on different online forums. To avoid plagiarism, they ask for paraphrasing.

Other than these, a lot of people want to convert files from one format to other or they need rewriting services for different purposes are our clients.

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How to Paraphrase in an Essay – DIY or with Expert Editors?

How to paraphrase in an essay on my own?

If you haven’t done paraphrasing before, you may find it difficult. Here are few tips which can help you to paraphrase on your own, either it is an essay or few sentences in an essay.

  • First of all, read the essay completely, at least once. It will give you clear idea that what this essay is all about and what is the message you have to paraphrase.
  • Avoid paraphrasing sentence by sentence, it will be difficult for you. Instead, read a paragraph, understand it and then rewrite in your own words.
  • Don’t use the words from the original text, rather use your vocabulary or look for the similar words in the dictionary.
  • Replacing synonyms will not help. You have to change the sentence structure too, making it a new essay.
  • When you start paraphrasing in an essay, make sure you don’t change the basic idea.
  • When you are done, don’t forget to review and edit it, it’s very important to remove the mistakes and errors, when you are paraphrasing an essay.

These are just the few tips. However, it’s always better to get help from the experts for paraphrasing essays. They have good vocabulary and professional experience of paraphrasing. They can do it better and in a very short time. An expert can do this job accurately.

What research areas do you cover?

We provide our help in different areas, which are listed below.

  • Nursing
  • Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Biotechnology
  • Computer
  • Commerce
  • Agriculture
  • Website content
  • Tourism
  • Mathematics

Example of a Paraphrase in an Essay

Can I see an example of your work?

Yes, here is a paraphrase in essay example.

Original sample text

“Good writing skills are important in every filed, no matter you are a student, a teacher or a business person. If you can write well, it means you can communicate well with your peers, students and clients. Communication is the key to success. So, try to enhance your communication and writing skills, in order to get success in your field. You can get different tutorials on the internet, which are quite helpful in this regard. Different online forums are also helping people around the world. You might have to work hard for this, but it will work!”

Rewritten sample text

No one can deny from the importance of strong writing power. It is vital to write accurately for everyone, for business persons, for teachers and for students too. when you can communicate effectively, you can understand others accurately and that is vital door to your success. However, it is very important to polish your writing skills, if you lack them. There are number of ways, which can take you towards better writing. For instance, you can use the internet to learn from tutorials and other web forums. It seems difficult at first, but it can work wonders.

What are the most requested paraphrasing subjects?

Depending on the client, we get paraphrasing request for almost all the subjects, which include computing, biotechnology, chemistry, Literature documents, Commerce and many others.

What do you rewrite except essays?

Business plans Dictionary listings
Sales letters Job applications
Marketing material Advertisements
Operating procedures Signage and instructions
Letter of recommendations Resume
Product descriptions Research papers

What is the average cost for essay rewriting?

We turn an essay into a new document but keep the originality of the content. The average cost for essay rewriting depends on different factors like subject, length of the essay and deadline our clients give. When a client fills the order form, he gets the payment details, depending on the particulars of order. If he has a question, he can contact our customer care service, any time.

What payment systems do you use?

Our payment systems are very simple and easy for the customers. You can make payment with your credit card. Our payment systems are safe and secure.

Why should I choose your services?

We provide quality paraphrasing online. We offer paraphrasing services for all subjects and verity of documents. We are professionally trained to do paraphrasing, editing and proofreading. We can make your document error-free and ready to submit. We can work if the time is very short. Our charges are affordable for our clients and we believe in providing quality services.

If you have more questions concerning our essay rewriting service, feel free to contact our helpful customer support!