7 Checking Plagiarism Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

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7 Good Checking Plagiarism Tools to Help Avoid Problems

If you still ask yourself how to paraphrase a sentence without plagiarism, here are 7 check plagiarism tools available for checking written content for plagiarism:

  1. Copyscape: Copyscape is one of the better-known plagiarism checkers. This plagiarism checking tool offers a free service that allows only URL checks and limits the number of scans you can do to only 5 per day. With the premium account, you are able to create a personal database and check newly uploaded files against those in your account. There is also no limit to the size of files you want to scan with the premium account.
  2. Grammarly: Grammarly is another well-known tool that not only checks for plagiarism but also proofreads text. In just a few seconds it can check a document for plagiarism against several billion web pages and provide a report for you. It is available in both free and paid versions and has a good reputation as a plagiarism detector.
  3. Plagiarisma: Plagiarisma is another tool that does more than just check for plagiarism. Among other tools to check for plagiarism, it is also an article rewriter and spell checker. Content may be checked by pasting it directly or inserting a content URL.
  4. PlagTracker: This tool offers both free and premium account options. To identify plagiarized content PlagTracker checks submitted documents against 20 million academic papers and internet pages. A plagiarism report with all copied sources is provided after scanning. Free service limits document size to 5 thousand words while there is no limit to file size with a premium account.
  5. DupliChecker: This is a service available for free. If you choose not to register you may only perform one check per day. However, more checks may be done if you create a personal account. After a plagiarism scan is complete, links to the plagiarized content are provided below the text box.
  6. Unplag: This is a premium plagiarism detection tool but a free trial is available. It checks text against 16 billion pages and documents on Google and Bing during a scan and provides a report of the results. This report includes percentage of similarity and originality of the files scanned as well as all highlighted unoriginal elements with hyperlinks to original sources.
  7. Write Check: This is premium tool for detecting plagiarism. After every scan, a plagiarism report is provided with highlighted non-unique elements and direct links to plagiarized sources. No free trial is offered and text file size is limited to 5 thousand words unless you pay an additional charge.

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Why Checking for Plagiarism Is Important

checking for plagiarismPlagiarism is a problem that exists in both the academic world as well as in business. Technology and the internet have made it easy for students to plagiarize essays and other academic papers, and online marketers deal with plagiarism on a daily basis. For online businesses that provide content for visitors to their websites plagiarism checking is important so that they can establish that theirs is the original content. They don’t want their readers to get the impression they are stealing content from somebody else. In addition, unless Google and other search engines are made aware of which content is the original version, a website could be penalized when in fact it was their content that was stolen.

Using the best paraphrasing service is a good way to avoid plagiarism, because plagiarism is a serious offence in the academic world, and can have a detrimental effect academically as well as on your future career. Checking your assignments for plagiarism can ensure you don’t unintentionally submit any plagiarized material. Fortunately, although it is now easier than ever to plagiarize it has also become easier to check for plagiarism. There are many different tools available that make it easy to check written content for plagiarism.

Using tools to check plagiarism is something all students should consider as well as anybody writes content for business purposes.

Use the best tool and checking plagiarism will be relatively easy!