3 Plagiarist Tricks That Don’t Work

What do plagiarists do in order to hide their activity of plagiarizing someone’s work? There are certain tricks that they use and these are what you will learn in today’s post.

plagiarist tricks

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Tricks Plagiarists Use

The Macro Trick. You would write a non-plagiarized, but often irrelevant work in your paper and then you would use macros that would swap it out with he plagiarized one that you wanted to be traded.

The Careful Rewrite. If you have replaced enough number of words and edited the article, the software cannot detect any string; thus, it cannot find any exact matches from your text.

Tips to Prevent Plagiarism

  • Paraphrase: All you need to do is to read the article and then put them together into your own words.
  • Cite: All you have to do is to follow the document formatting guidelines.
  • Quoting: You can use the quote exactly the way it appears.
  • Citing quotes: It can be different from citing paraphrased material.
  • Referencing: It is including a reference page or page of works cited.

More on Paraphrasing

If you want to avoid plagiarism in journalism, then you should learn of an important activity called paraphrasing or rewriting. It is the paraphrasing of an article or passage in your own words. To get started, read and understand the essay or passage carefully and take down notes on the most important ideas mentioned. You may also write down some keywords in order to highlight key terms used by the author in the paper. Start writing in your own words and avoid looking at the source, either a book or an internet source. Read your work and compare it with the original version to find out if you need to add more details or remove some of them. Edit your paper and submit!

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